The Excellent Idea of Getting One of These YSL Residences

Toronto is a renowned city worldwide. In fact, it ranks as the safest metropolitan area in North America and the number one metropolis for tech jobs in Canada. The city is also a renowned hub for business, culture, arts, and finance. It has a huge population as well with 2.7 million people translating into slightly above 4000 individuals per square kilometer.

condoCondominiums are one of the best ways to live in such a highly populated city. For example, these housing units are usually available in a high-end location that is close to critical areas, such as business districts. That means you can avoid traffic or traveling for long hours to get to work. You can save on costs as well because they are cheaper than standalone properties.

However, finding a condominium for you is a challenging task because Toronto is a big city. Sometimes, it may be like searching for a needle in a haystack. Locating the perfect one may be an equally challenging task. Remember, housing firms in Toronto are numerous. Some of them have condominiums for you, but the best ones come from Cresford Developments.

The YSL Residences Condos by Cresford

Yonge Street, which stretches for 86 kilometers, is one of the most significant streets in Canada. In fact, the Canadian government designated the construction of this street as an Event of National Historic Significance to the country. Moreover, various landmarks stand on it include the Hockey Hall of Fame, Eaton Center, and the Yonge-Dundas Square.

buildingsCresford Developments saw the significance of Yonge Street as a cultural, historical, and commercial center. They also viewed it futuristically, and two architectural firms helped them to express this vision on paper. More specifically, these firms namely Kohn Pederson Fox and Alliance came up with designs for groundbreaking Yonge Street Luxury (YSL) condominiums.

The tower that will contain these housing units will have vertical aluminum fins framing it. Curtain wall glazing will wrap the body of the building, and stone details will characterize it as the street level. Additionally, it will have 98 floors making it a noticeable feature on Young Street. This feature will lead to an increase in the street’s modern appeal while accommodating its historical significance.

Getting One of These Condominiums

Registration for access to these residences is ongoing. Register today because only 957 suites will be available when the skyscraper is complete. Remember, these condominiums will have everything you need from European-style gourmet kitchens to state-of-the-art bathrooms. You will also have incredible views of Yonge Street, many parts of Toronto, and Lake Ontario.

condo unit

Registering early increases a person’s chances of getting the condominium that has the best view. Getting this YSL housing unit is also an excellent idea because you will gain quick access to various facilities. They include recreational venues, parks, galleries, and shops. Eateries and boutiques are also available when you need them.

More importantly, getting to work will be an unproblematic task for you because you will be close to Canada’s mass transit system. The Gardiner Expressway is also a few minutes away.

Get one of these incredible condominiums today from Cresford Developments. You can visit their official page here to register with them.